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Insurance ServicesWelcome to Midwest Picture Car Group LLC. Ever wonder where they get those great cars for period movies? Register with us and that could be your car up on the big screen. Weve had over 20 years of experience as drivers, on set mechanics, and picture car coordinators.

Our cars have been featured in The Untouchables, Bix, Road to Perdition, The Weatherman, Public Enemies, and soon to be released, No God No Master. Unlike other movie car listings, we dont charge to list your car.

There is no charge or obligation to be listed with us. We work with production companies to supply them with the vehicles they need and negotiate a fair price for our drivers. We would only deal with those who have proper insurance and are concerned for the safety of our drivers and cars.

You will be contacted by us as opportunities become available and you could accept or decline as your schedule permits. Working in a movie as a picture car driver can be fun and rewarding. You´┐Żll be sharing the experience with other drivers as youre sent to wardrobe, enjoying great meals, and observing the behind the scenes of a movie being made.
Located in Libertyville, IL . We also serve the Chicago, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, New Orleans and New York areas. - Licensed in Illinois
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